We are Baking the difference

About Us

BAKED, OUR STORY What started as a lockdown hobby, turned into passion filled success. Baked has been a brand close to our hearts since the beginning, we realized the unity it brings, and the power of family that came along with it. Our business has kept us on our toes, from the first egg that dropped, to the latest sale we’ve made, and we are so grateful for it. The challenges that came along with building this brand made the entire team so much stronger, and we continue to grow on a daily basis. From your everyday sweet treat, to a high end lounge, and now daily café & dining experience, we have realized the power that the name Baked holds, and we will continue to shoot for the stars and aim for the moon. We believe that this industry is so important, for multiple reasons, and we are so excited to keep changing the narrative, and educating individuals along the way. Our goal has always been to sparkle a bit of joy into people’s lives, especially during these tough times, Baked has become a plus 1 to family gatherings, to birthday parties as well as lunch breaks at work, and we are so grateful for that. We will always continue to Bake the difference everyday, we are more than a brand, we are your family.

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Our address
17 Dixon Street De Waterkant Cape Town
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Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 19:00